Safety of BioIdentical D-BetaHydroxyButyrate for Exogenous Ketosis: A BMJ Study


D-BetaHydroxyButyrate (D-BHB) is a metabolite recognized for its beneficial signaling activity and as an energy source.  With various supplements available to induce ketosis, the biologically identical D-BHB available commercially as Original Ketone™ and BetaFlow® emerges as a new contender.

About this Study:

Conducted by Lisa Isabel Pimental-Suarez and Adrian Soto-Mota, this research aimed to evaluate the safety and tolerability of biologically identical D-BHB as a supplement for inducing ketosis.  The study involved 24 healthy adults who were administered orally BioIdentical Free D-BHB, all of whom were healthcare providers.

Key Findings:

  • No acid base or electrolyte abnormalities were observed among participants.
  • Out of 720 drink intakes, only 44 reported mild to moderate secondary symptoms.
  • All participants successfully completed the study without any health abnormalities.

Conclusions Drawn:

The study concluded that BioIdentical D-BHB is a safe and well tolerated method for inducing sustained exogenous ketosis.  Given its BioIdentical nature and the absence of salt, alcohol or intermediate metabolites, this form of supplementation might offer a broader safety spectrum compared to other exogenous ketones.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ketone Supplementation: While salts, esters and blends of different ketones are also available this study focused on the only pure BioIdentical D-BHB commercially available today as Original Ketone™ and BetaFlow®.
  • Study Methodology: The research monitored the health metrics of 24 healthy adults who orally administered BioIdentical D-BHB to assess its safety and tolerability.
  • Safety Profile: No participants exhibited any electrolyte,acid base or vital sign abnormalities.
  • Recommendations: For individuals looking to avoid salt or alcohol in their supplements, BioIdentical D-BHB can be a safer alternative.

Further Discussion:  This study underscores the potential of BioIdentical D-BHB as a safe method for inducing ketosis.  As we delve deeper into the benefits of rapid ketosis, especially under stress, a tasty ketone drink without inactive L-BHB, salt, alcohol or other intermediate metabolites might prove beneficial.  The findings also emphasize the need for more research to explore scenarios where achieving ketosis swiftly could be advantageous.

Please let us know your thoughts, we encourage you to read the full open access study at BMJ:


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